A Lot of people don’t understand Nicki Minaj’s VMA outfit so they are quick to judge and say how awful it was. If people understood where Nicki pulls her inspiration from then maybe they wouldn’t be so closed minded. Just because Nicki has a gorgeous body with amazing curves doesn’t mean that she has to play it safe. She did it in the beginning of her career because she knew it would get her noticed. Sex sells, we all know that. But now is the time when we can see who Nicki Minaj really is. She’s not a rapper who dresses like a sex symbol and talks about sex anymore. She’s a person that is inspired by a variety of different things. Those things do not include Lady Gaga. Though they share common ground in being daring with their fashion choices, Lady Gaga who Nicki is inspired by. Her VMA outfit was inspired by Tokyo Street Fashion.

I know this because when I was young, much like Nicki I fell in love with Japanese culture as well. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun with your outfits when you are given the chance to. Granted I would love to see Nicki in something short and tight as much as the next guy, but It’s not fair that we would put her into a box like that. Her entire career has taken off because she chose be different. I just feel that people should let her breathe and not automatically judge her for being different. So what she wore something a little crazy. Let her live. It’s her artistic expression and nobody should stifle it.

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  • 30 August 2011